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Helping unhappy
Midlife Mid-Career
Professionals to find
more Fulfilment
at Work & Beyond

In 3 Steps




A place for Mid-Career Professionals asking WTF?!

(Where's the Fulfilment?!)

If you're in the midlife mid-career stage & feeling unfulfilled, disengaged or lacking motivation, then you're probably asking two key questions...

What should I do...?

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Unhappy confused midlife mid-career

How can I do it...?

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The problem is finding the answers to these important life-changing questions is not easy!

That's why The ChangIN Room™ is here...

What's The ChangIN Room?
Access to Practical Tools & Resources
Access to practical tools & resources
Coaching & Facilitation Services
Coaching & facilitation services
Professional & Personalised Support
& personalised support 
Tap into the hidden jobs market
Increase your networks
(Tap into the hidden job market)

An INside out approach

Because experiencing more fulfilment at work and beyond begins with you.

Unfulfilled & disengaged at work

Many people in the midlife/mid-career stage are feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with their work and life...

There are many reasons why this happens but in general it is because there is some misalignment between who you are and your aspirations vs how you feel your job/career is supporting you to achieve your true desires.

Feeling happier, more fulfilled and engaged in your work and beyond requires an INside out approach - to understand what is authentically driving/motivating you from withIN and what is causing the misalignment so you can understand what to change to realign.

The problem for many in the mid-career malaise is that understanding what to change is often the hardest part!

This is where The ChangIN Room™ can help...


How it works?
Step 1


Understand what the actual problem is


Step 2


Identify what it is that you do want & why


Step 3


Intentionally plan how you can get to where you want to be

Who's it for?


For professionals in the Midlife Mid-Career stage that:

Overwhelmed mid-career professionals

Are feeling...

  • stuck in a job that's not bringing out the best in them

  • a lack of motivation and inspiration

  • overwhelmed, confused, restless, burned out

  • disengaged/a loss of interest in their work

  • invisible or undervalued at work

  • a lack of purpose and direction

  • sense of fear that they're wasting their life away (missed their 'calling')

  • pressure to change the situation they're in but don't know what or how to begin

That want...

  • a job/career that feels fulfilling, rewarding, enjoyable

  • feel re-energised, engaged and more 'alive' at work and beyond

  • enhanced feelings of wellbeing

  • clarity on where they're heading

  • connection or re-connection to the meaning and purpose in their work

  • valued and appreciated at work

  • confident that they are on the right track

  • access to the right resources and support. 

Making Room for you to TRY ON opportunities to experience more fulfilment...

Welcome, I'm Zoë Blasch

MBA-qualified Coach, Job Crafter & Certified Demartini Values Facilitator.

With 20 years of real world employee experience, five career changes and expertise in organisational and human behaviour, I'm helping to improve employee experience and wellbeing for mid-career professionals.

It's not that there isn't enough information out there to help improve how we manage our working lives but that there's a lack of access to the right information delivered in a way that can be practically applied to our lives.

What's really needed is a way to make it easier for busy, confused and overwhelmed mid-career professionals to Try On (or try out) opportunities to align with what feels fulfilling for them before committing to making any major career-changing decisions, that's why I created The ChangIN Room™.

Zoë Blasch

I help unfulfilled professionals in mid-career to answer two common questions:

  • What should I do?

  • How can I do it?

Helping unfulfilled mid-career professionals
Welcome Video

Lost your zest for your work?

It's not always about needing to make a career change...

Step 1

Step 1

Diagnose the Misalignment

Types of
Mid-Career Misalignment

4 types of mid-career misalignment - The ChangIN Room

After personally navigating the tricky mid-career stage and speaking with others going through similar challenging experiences, I noticed four key misalignment types that can be responsible for causing your feelings of unfulfilment and disengagement at work and beyond.

Understanding these different misalignment types are important because each type requires a different level of effort and energy to realign (to improve your situation).

If you are wanting to experience more fulfilment and engagement then understanding the type of misalignment you are experiencing is the most crucial first step...

Simple Starting Point!

It can be very hard to understand the real reason behind the problems/challenges you're facing in your work or career, that's why I developed a Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis Tool to help you get started.


The tool is part of an eBook & is FREE to download below.

Get started
Download the FREE eBook to:
  • Become aware of the four different types of misalignment that may be causing your unfulfilment

  • Spot the signs/symptoms you're experiencing in relation to your work/career

  • Get clarity on understanding what type of misalignment you're experiencing

  • See possible action steps available to help you become unstuck.

The ChangIN Room - Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis Tool - Free eBook

Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis Free

*Instant download, no email required!

2 reasons why diagnosing the real problem area is key:

1) Each misalignment type requires a different level of effort & energy required to realign (change your situation)

2) If you're not identifying the real problem area, then you're unlikely to find the right solution which is a waste of your time, energy, effort & money!

Effort level to change - Mid-Career Realignment
Zoë Blasch - Mid-Career Coach Melbourne

Remember, you don't have to struggle with this part...

I'm skilled at helping to identify the root causes of problems and to help you gain a new perspective.

Feel free to contact me with any questions related to mid-career misalignment or book a free 20 minute discovery call.

Midlife Mid-career - How to re-energise

Time to

Step 2

Step 2

Explore what you may need to Try On...

To Try On means to try something new or different to see if it suits/fulfils you.


In the context of feeling unfulfilled or miserable in your job/career, it's about understanding what options/actions are the right fit for you to help you realign to experience more fulfilment (based on the root cause of actual problem).


It's not always about needing to change careers or even workplaces...


The ChangIN Room™ is about helping you to identify which of the four options you may need to explore (Try On) to help you realign for more fulfilment and engagement at work and beyond. This could include trying a different perspective, role/team, workplace or even career.

Try On - different perspective



Try On - different role or team



Try On - different workplace

Different Workplace

Try On - different career



Step 3

Step 3

Identify practical opportunities to realign for more fulfilment

Practical tips & actions to realign

Knowing what to change is only one part, knowing how to change is also key.

The ChangIN Room™ provides practical strategies, tips & resources to help you to get to where you want to be including:

  • Job crafting strategies (personalising your work/job)

  • Informational interviews & informal networking opportunities

Learn more about what you may need
to Try On...

Next steps

Next Steps?



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