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Realigning for
more Fulfilment

Your key starting point...

Understand why you are currently feeling unfulfilled at work.

Step 1:
Diagnose the Misalignment Type

Step 1 - Diagnose the Misalignment

The feelings of mid-career misalignment are easy to recognise (bored, burned-out, disengaged, confused, overwhelmed, feeling stuck etc.).

However, what's less commonly recognised is that there are different types of misalignment that are responsible for causing those negative feelings.

Busy Overwhelmed Mid-Career

Types of
Mid-Career Misalignment

4 types of mid-career misalignment - The ChangIN Room
4 Type of Misalignment

The ChangIN Room™ identifies four key misalignment types that can be responsible for causing your feelings of unfulfilment and disengagement at work and beyond.

Understanding these different misalignment types are important because each type requires a different level of effort and energy to realign (to improve your situation).


Which Misalignment Type are you experiencing?

It can be very hard to understand the real reason behind the problems/challenges you're facing in your work or career, that's why I developed a Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis Tool to help you get started.


The tool is part of an eBook & is FREE to download below.

Zoë Blasch - Mid-Career Coach Melbourne
The ChangIN Room - Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis Tool - Free eBook

Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis Free

*Instant download, no email required!

Download FREE eBook
What you'll get from the Free eBook:
  • Awareness of the four different types of misalignment that may be causing your unfulfilment

  • Spot the signs/symptoms you're experiencing in relation to your work/career

  • Get clarity on understanding what type of misalignment you're experiencing

  • See possible action steps available to help you become unstuck.


Misalignment Type requires a different level of effort & energy to realign

Effort level to change - Mid-Career Realignment

If you're not identifying the real problem area (root cause) then you're unlikely going to find the right solution which will lead to further feelings of unfulfilment!

Once you know why you're misaligned then the next step is to see what you might need to TRY ON to realign... 

Learn more about what you may need
to Try On...

Zoë Blasch - MBA Qualified Coach, Facili

Having trouble understanding your misalignment type?!

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