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INside Out


INside out approach - meaning & purpose_

Experiencing more fulfilment and engagement requires an INside out approach - that means understanding what it is that's authentically driving you from withIN (your INtrinsic motivations) and what is personally meaningful to you. This is why self-awareness is key.

It's about recognising that humans are meaning-seeking beings - we're designed to actively seek meaning and purpose in our lives and at work.


The problem is that so many people struggle to understand their personal purpose and aren't connected to the meaning and purpose in their work. This results in feelings of unfulfilment, disengagement and a lack of motivation.

The Traditional Job Search approach...

My job sucks!
I want something more meaningful...
What can I do with
my skills & experience?
Skills list
Apply for new jobs/change careers
Submit Resume
Receive rejections or potentially unfulfilling job roles
Job Rejections

Most people that are looking to change jobs or careers in midlife start with their skills & experience first instead of asking "What is it that truly motivates & energises me?"... 

Many career advising services and recruitment agencies direct unhappy confused mid-career changers or job seekers to various skills assessment tools designed to generate a list of possible suitable career options based on their existing skills and experiences.

Matching your skills is not the same as matching your motivations.

If you're approaching your job search or future career options this conventional way without first understanding what is INtrinsically motivating you (your highest priority values), then it's likely that you'll just end up in another job, workplace or career that you'll find unfulfilling or disengaging.

The ChangIN Room™ approach...

My job sucks!
I want something more meaningful...
What is it that actually motivates me, what do I find meaningful?
What motivates me & is meaningful
Get clear on your unique personal purpose & priorities
Clarity on purpose & priorities
Discover opportunities to realign for more fulfilment
Options to Realign

The key to experiencing more fulfilment...

The overlooked starting point for many wanting to feel better about their job/work choices is first getting clear on what it is that INtrinsically motivates them which is linked to understanding your unique personal purpose. 


Skills assessment tools can be useful but should not be the primary starting point if you're wanting to experience more fulfilment at work.

The ChangIN Room™ focuses on helping unfulfilled mid-career professionals take an INside out approach because understanding what truly motivates you from withIN and why you're currently feeling misaligned is the key to realigning your work/life to create lasting fulfilment.


Once you gain clarity on this, then the next step is to explore practical options available to start making the positive changes.

It's not always about needing to change jobs or careers...

The ChangIN Room™ identifies four options that can help you to realign to create more fulfilment in your job/career - helping you to determine whether to stay or go.

Stay or go?

Curious to know which of the 4 options
you might need to Try On?

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Other ways to get started...

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