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To try something new or different to see if it suits/fulfils you...

Our world is well set-up to cater for people that want to change their external appearance to enhance the way they look and feel. However, the midlife mid-career stage often triggers us to seek changes that go beyond just the way we look. 

It requires going INward to rediscover who we are, our highest priority values and reconnect with what's meaningful to us.

In the context of feeling unfulfilled or miserable in your job/career, to Try On is about understanding what options/actions are the right fit for you so you can realign to experience more fulfilment and re-engaged.

The ChangIN Room - Try On Concept

Finding Passion/
Fulfilment comes after
Trying On

Focus on Fulfilment not Passion

A note about passion...

Passion is often used to refer to finding that 'one thing' that people really want to do with their lives vocationally. Find what you're passionate about and then go and make a living from it.

The thing is only around 20 per cent of people have an idea about what this is thing that they felt born to do from the beginning - with the majority having to go figure it out for themselves.

The problem with focusing on passion first is that passion usually comes after Trying On something.


As we get older and stuck in habits and routines and constrained by responsibilities, it can be harder to make room to try new experiences and perspectives.

What do you need to Try On?

Feeling unfulfilled or disengaged in your job doesn't always mean you need to change careers or even quit your job...

Sometimes it's just knowing how to optimise your existing role.

4 Options to


The ChangIN Room™ identifies four different options for unhappy mid-career professionals to Try On to create and experience more fulfilment at work and beyond.

The options are based on the four possible misalignment types that are responsible for causing your feelings of unfulfilment and disengagement.

Try On - different perspective




Try On - different role or team




Try On - different workplace

Different Workplace


Try On - different career




Not sure why you're really feeling unfulfilled?

If you're not sure why you're feeling misaligned (what the root cause of your problems/painpoints are) then this FREE Mid-Career Misalignment Diagnosis eBook can help get you started.

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Zoë Blasch - Mid-Career Coach & Demartini Values Facilitator

Need help deciding what to
Try On?

There are many reasons why we can feel unhappy and disengaged at work and beyond, I help unfulfilled mid-career professionals to understand why they are feeling misaligned so they can get clear on what opportunities there are to 'Try on' to create and experience more fulfilment at work and beyond.

Feel free to contact me with any questions related to mid-career misalignment or book a Free 20 minute Discovery Call.


Try On - different perspective


a new way of looking at the meaning and purpose in your work/career.

Different Perspective

Possible misalignment type: Temporary 

Feeling connected to the meaning and purpose in your work is the key to experiencing fulfilment and engagement in any job. 

A common reason for feeling unhappy or disengaged in your job is because you don't see or connect with the meaning and purpose in your work. However, the truth is that every job has a purpose else it would not be required.

Work meaningfulness is a subjective and personal experience - meaning is not found in the job itself but in the way you view/perceive your job. 

We all view the world through our own unique lens and it is our unique hierarchy of values (what intrinsically drives/motivates us) that determines how we perceive, act and react.

Therefore, the way to connect or re-connect with the meaning and purpose in your work is to understand what your unique highest priority values are and then see how your job is helping to serve your highest values.


For some, this switch in perspective can be all that is required to start to feel more engaged, inspired and fulfilled in your job. Even if it's not the permanent solution, feeling connected to meaning and purpose can help you to feel better about your job whilst you look for more longer term solutions.

Key focus areas:
Connect to meaning & purpose in your work
Find the why in your work
  • Finding the why in your work - connect to meaning & purpose

  • Determining your unique highest priority values (what intrinsically motivates you)

  • Reframing how you view your job & how you describe your position/job title to others

  • Identifying the impact you have on others/the contribution you make


a different role, team or department within your existing organisation.


Try On - different role or team
Different Role or Team

Possible misalignment type: Wrong Role/Team

Effort to change - low-medium

Not all employers are flexible enough to support an employee's changing interests.

Job crafting however is an under-used strategy that can be done without explicit input from HR or your manager.

If your job is no longer fulfilling or engaging you but you feel like your workplace/employer is still ticking a lot of boxes for you, then it is worth exploring what options/ opportunities there are internally that could help you to realign.

Key reasons why this can occur include:

  • being in the same role for a long time

  • your role/team dynamics has changed and become to difficult to manage

  • your values and interests have changed and you want more variety and challenge

  • the three basic needs of autonomy, connection and competency are not being met.

There are various job design strategies that can help you to re-engage at work including: job rotation (temporarily doing a different role), job enrichment (increasing responsibilities), job enlargement (increasing range of duties) and job crafting (tweaking your role to do more of what energises you).

Midlife Mid-Career Professionals feeling fulfilled
Key focus areas:
  • Identifying what parts of your job/role you would like to change

  • Identifying what you think you'd like to do more of or learn about

  • Understanding how to explore opportunities internally

  • Exploring the pros and cons of various job design strategies to see which one might suit you and your employer


Try On - different workplace


the same role/profession but in a different workplace.

Different Workplace

Possible misalignment type: Wrong Workplace (employer or location)

Sometimes it's not the nature of work you're doing or your role that's causing the issues resulting in your unhappiness in your job but problems with the actual work environment you're in.


Workplace culture plays a massive part in employee engagement, wellbeing and job fulfilment. It's the reason why many people want to quit their jobs.

No job or workplace is perfect. The key however is to understand what exactly the problem is about your workplace so you can avoid a repeated experience in your next workplace, for example:

  • wrong cultural fit (including a conflict of values)

  • it's a toxic workplace (usually as a result of poor leadership)

  • politics and conflict - either you're struggling to navigate constructive politics/conflict or it's just too dysfunctional to manage

  • wrong location - perhaps the commute is too long or you're working remotely and feel too isolated.

Effort to change - medium-high

Think about what type of culture you do want to be in so that you can factor that into your job searching criteria. Doing so will help ensure a better cultural fit between you and your future employer. 

Unhappy midlife employee
Toxic workplace
Key focus areas:
  • Identifying the actual problem(s) so you can avoid experiencing them again in the future - is it you, them or both?

  • Reframing negative experiences so you can constructively apply 'lessons learned' for personal and professional growth

  • Determining what time of work environment and culture that you do want to be in and how to find these potential organisations in your job search

  • Understanding how to manage negative work experiences in future interviews with potential employers


a different career path (including starting your own business).

Try On - different career


Different Career

Possible misalignment type: Wrong Career

Effort to change - high

Have you considered the option of staying in your role/profession but changing industries?

Plenty of people successfully change careers in the midlife mid-career stage, the key is to recognise if your desire to change career paths is being driven by the need to escape from your existing job rather than being driven towards finding something more fulfilling.

Changing careers requires a high level of effort and energy and can be costly financially, therefore proper research and preparation is required to help plan and successfully execute a career change.

If you feel that your unfulfilment is because you're in the wrong career, then it is time to start identifying what career you do want to do and why. It is common for many going through the mid-career crisis stage to not really know what they want to do and that is where The ChangIN Room™ can help!

Midlife Career Change
Key focus areas:
  • Gaining clarity and direction on what new career path you may be better aligned with

  • Identifying opportunities available for you

  • Understanding how to conduct informational interviews to learn from others that are doing the job/career you think you want to do

  • Expand your connections & networks to tap into the hidden job market


Mid-Career Change
Mini Guides

(Ideas on how to explore/research your next right move)


Try On - something else
Something Else

Perhaps there's something else that you may need to try on to experience more fulfilment in your life (at work and beyond).

This could include:

  • making room for forgotten hobbies or starting new hobbies/activities that you enjoy

  • starting a side hustle

  • volunteering



Creating opportunities to experience more fulfilment is not just about our work/jobs - a more holistic assessment of your life in and out of work helps identify what other opportunities there are to increase your fulfilment and wellbeing.

Make room for hobbies
Do what energises you - yoga

Not sure what you need to Try On?

Zoë Blasch - Mid-Career Coach Melbourne

Zoë can help...

That's ok - that's why The ChangIN Room™ is here! To help you determine what you should do to feel happier and more fulfilled in mid-career.


Navigating the options alone is often hard and time-consuming, that's why it can be worth working with a qualified coach/facilitator to help you get to where you want to be more faster and effectively.

If you'd like to get started, please view the services below or book a FREE Discovery Call.



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